NppSnippets plug-in for Notepad++


NppSnippets is a plug-in for Notepad++. It adds the possibility to add code snippets to the current document by simply selecting it from a list.


To download version 1.3.0, click here.

There is also a development build (2016-03-30) available for download. Make a backup of the original DLL and your database. Put this dll at the same place where your current DLL is. If you can't work this out yourself, a development build is probably not for you!

How to install

Copy NppSnippets.dll to the plugins directory, copy NppSnippets.sqlite to the plugins/Config directory in your AppData directory and restart Notepad++.

How to use

To open the Snippets window, click on the "Jigsaw" button on the toolbar, or via the menu "Plugins" ➡ "Snippets" ➡ "Snippets".

The window consist of two parts. A combo where you can select the library and underneath there is the list of snippets in the chosen library. To insert a snippet simply double click on the item in the list and the snippet is inserted at the current cursor position.

When you switch to another document with another language the snippets for that new language are read from the database.

To add or edit a snippet, right-click the snippet in the list and edit. To add or edit a library right-click the combo-box where you select the current library.

For more more information see the on-line documentation.


This plugin is released under the GPL2-license. The source code can be found at GitHub.


Name By Description Last update
Markdown FFes Based on GitHub documentation 2016-03-04

Release history

Version 1.3.0 (June 2013)

For the complete release history, including the upcoming changes, see the on-line documentation.