Welcome to the website of Frank Fesevur.

On this website you can find information about the various open source projects I work on or have worked on.
I have written a tutorial on how to get started using vim.

If you are interested in the (Dutch) genealogy of the Fesevur family, you can find that here are well.


Most recent blog posts

Using WordPress as a headless CMS

Recently my wife and I went on holiday. We traveled by train and stayed in various towns in Germany. Since it was the first time we enjoyed our holiday this way, we decided we wanted to take our family and friends along with us through a travel blog. Recently friends of us kept travel blogs as well and it was nice to experience their journeys as they traveled.

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Install Angular in a container

As a developer I try to install as few packages as possible and try to do as much as possible in Docker containers. Otherwise I have a to install a lot of dependencies, that need to be updated. Think of the dependencies for developing a website, like Ruby for building my Jekyll sites, .NET for the API-backend or Node for the SPA-frontends I build.

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