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Vim, not as hard as it seems

Today I released the first part of a vim tutorial I wrote.

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Running SQL Server in Docker

In the series: Football predictions in ASP.NET and Angular

The webapi needs a decent database and SQLite is the right tool in this case. So I played a bit with the docker images of SQL Server and decided to go with that. The docker images give you the option to run the database when you need them without the need to install any dependency (apart from Docker). When the project is done, delete the containers and images and you are done. And docker is multi platform so it runs on my Linux and Windows workstation.

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NppSnippets 1.7.0 released

Today I released version 1.7.0 of NppSnippets.

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Upgraded to Bootstrap 5

Today I upgraded from Bootstrap 4 to Bootstrap 5. Although that is an upgrade to the next major version, the changes I needed were minimal. Just some classes in the navbar needed to be adjusted and the data-fields needed the namespace. It just took half an hour to complete the entire upgrade. Only the mobile menu isn’t aligned yet to the right end of the screen.

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NppTags 0.9.1 released

Today I released version 0.9.1 of NppTags.

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