This weekend is quite a busy weekend. Menno’s 6th birthday was yesterday. A lot of people came to visit us and he got a lot of presents. It looks like we now have a Bart Smit in our home.

And yesterday also was a great day for Dutch soccer. Finally we managed to win a penalty shout-out, in the match against Sweden. We now are in the semi-finales of the European Championships. We gone have to play Portugal next Wednesday. A though match! Portugal as the hosts of the championship, so a lot of Portuguese are in the stadium and a few Dutch fans. But I’m sure I will be in front of the TV to see the game and of course they have to win. Yesterday you could see that they really are a team and that is a thing they need to go on and become champion.

Today we are going to visit Parkpop, in the Zuiderpark which is a 5 minute walk from our home. There are not that much acts we are really need to see, but it is always a nice atmosphere.

Another I want to do this weekend is to switch to another blog engine. Now I use Thingamablog, which is a great engine when you don’t have a permanent connection to the Internet. But since a week or three we have ADSL at home, so I don’t have a need for it anymore. A real on-line blog would be much better. Now I am bound to my home PC to update my blog. And Thingamablog doesn’t have support for comments, which is something I sort of miss.

I have not made a decision which engine to use, but I want to run it on me own site and not a (or similar) entry. I don’t want the ads and need to subscribe to add a comment. I’ve run into b2evolution, but I’m not sure yet if I want to use it. I could also write my own or use code written by Michael a former colleague.

So, as said a busy weekend and not much time to look at the memory problems in Dorgem. I’m afraid it won’t until after the holiday season.