Wednesday the new PC arrived. And so far it runs smooth, apart from the video. Strange things happen :-(

When I installed Windows XP on it, the video card was not recognized, but I could run it in 1280x1024 on my new 17” TFT without much problems. Only every now and then some pixels would turn black. After maximizing a window, they were normal again. Not a real problem, but a bit annoying.

So I installed the driver from the CD that came with the mother board, it only became worst. Windows crashed twice with a lot of garbage on the screen. This new driver did more harm then good.

But now I knew the specs of the video card (SiS 760), I downloaded the latest driver from But now I can only run in 1024x768 mode. When I switch to 1280x1024 it only changes the desktop size and not the screen size.

So some investigation still needs to be done. I have to go back to the shop where we bought it soon, because I still need to get the speakers. Then I can ask it them.