Today I released the first part of a vim tutorial I wrote.


On 29 February 2012 the first Raspberry Pi was officially released. I ordered my first Raspberry Pi on that day, but it took till June to arrive.

In May 2012 The MagPI was started as a community project and they were looking for people to write articles for their magazine. That summer I wrote the first part of this tutorial as a potential series of articles for the MagPI, but the second part was never finished so I didn’t bother to send it to them.

In the beginning of 2022 I found the original drafts of those articles again and thought it would be a shame not to publish the text I have written back then. So I converted the text to markdown, removed the Raspberry Pi specific stuff and placed it on my website.

A decent part of the next part of the tutorial is already written, and I still need to finish that. But I thought, let’s not wait any longer and publish the first part. I can always improve it, add sections, do whatever is needed, but it has been laying around for too long.


First of all, English is not my native language so please report typos or grammatical errors.

I have been using vi, and later vim, since the late 1980s as my primary editor when using the command line on Unix and Linux. But I don’t claim to be a vim expert, more a long time user. So suggestions, features I’ve missed, etc, let me know.