With the release of .NET Core 3.1 this week I upgraded my project to it.

Upgrading the software

The upgrade on my Windows machine was easy. Upgrade Visual Studio to 16.4 and you automatically get .NET Core 3.1.

On my Linux machine it was a little bit more work, but all it took was typing the three commands below as root. On Linux the whole process only took a couple of minutes. Much faster then the VS upgrade, although that contains much more then just .NET.

apt remove dotnet-sdk-3.0
apt autoremove
apt install dotnet-sdk-3.1

Upgrading the project

After updating the software I could upgrade the project. In Football.csproj there is an entry to specify the target framework


I changed the value to netcoreapp3.1 and after a rebuild it was done.

And what about Angular?

I noticed that the project uses Angular 8.0.0, and the current release is 8.2.14. I also saw that Angular 9 is in a RC-state and today RC5 was released. Since I am not doing any real Angular development at the moment I will wait for the release of 9.0 to upgrade Angular.

Euro 2020 Draws

Last week were the draws for Euro 2020. Most of the countries and matches are known now, so I can start working on filling the database with that data. The last countries will be known in March when the play-offs are held. It will result in some minor changes to the fixtures, but that should all be easily dealt with in the database.